NavidMehr publishes its essence as a "corporate publication," focusing on providing print services to legal entities, and designing and developing printed products and books based on the needs of business, industry and service companies. Publishing books with related topics, doing all the print activities based on the needs of each customer, depending on the scale and scale of their economically viable business, and commercially profitable for both publishers and the customer. On the other hand, the provision of custom products provides facilities for publishing customers that are not systematically available in the rest of the country, or are limited in time, with difficulty and complexity. Work experience with domestic companies and organizations:
1. Mehr Eghtesad Bank
2. Mehr Rghtesad Brokerage
3. Bank Maskan Brokerage
3. Ordibrhrsht Iranian Brokerage
4. Isfahan Steel Company
5. Refinery gas
6. Industrial and Mining Investment Company